About CSLA

The Church and Synagogue Library Association (CSLA) is a nonprofit corporation operated by elected officers and volunteer committees. An Administrator, Publications Editor, Media Editor and Financial Assistant comprise the paid staff.


    • Serves librarians, many of whom are nonprofessional volunteers, through publications, a network of religious libraries, and training sessions offered at regional and national workshops.
    • Provides counseling and guidance for librarians through Mentoring and Continuing Education programs.
    • Establishes regional chapters to provide ongoing service and fellowship in local areas.
    • Holds an annual three-day conference in various parts of the country, providing the opportunity for continuing education in library practice and sharing experience in the field.
  • Publishes a quarterly publication, Congregational Libraries Today, with news, book and other media reviews, bibliographies, and articles on all aspects of organizing and operating effective libraries. Members are encouraged to submit material for publication.
  • Publishes a series of guides and bibliographies on many aspects of library science targeted at the religious library.

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